Swage vs. JoSun Lee

Total Running Time: 19:36
File Size: 286.3MB

Swage 5'9" 164 25yo
JoSun Lee 5'4" 143 20yo

JoSun (red speedos) is a college student from Hong Kong training to be an ultimate fighter. He was introduced to Movimus by Greg Conlon and he immediately asked for a match with Swage (blue speedos) after seeing a couple of his other matches. The size and weight difference didn't seem to phase JoSun at all. He was ready and in shape. Swage is as obnoxious as ever. He's been doing a lot of wrestling lately, mostly with older, more experienced guys, and his confidence is high.

But JoSun is ready to give him a lesson. This is a super brawl, not too much respect for the rules. Choke holds, arm bars, real submission fighting. JoSun wanted to workout hard against Swage, and Swage was up for it. Swage is used to wrestling bigger guys and thought this smaller guy was going to be "easy" - Man was he wrong. Swage had one "hell" of a fight on his hands. Those of you who like it rough and hard, this is your match.

Swage fans (especially those of you that liked the Swage - Bradford match on Wanna Wrestle 3) will love this one. Swage gets pounded by the smaller, younger student from Hong Kong - and Swage doesn't like it. They shake hands at the end and call the whole thing a "draw" - but somehow we didn't  think that Swage was going to let this one rest. Watch for these two athletes again going at it !

Wrestlers: JoSun Lee, Origins, Swage

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