Matt Bauer vs. Antonio Sonoma

Total Running Time: 26:09
File Size: 378.1MB

Matt Bauer 5'9" 151 30yo
Antonio Sonoma 5'7" 142 28yo

Matt (green speedos) brought Antonio (purple speedos) to the Movimus studio. Antonio had some wrestling experience in HS, but not a lot. He is a gym addict, at least 4 times a week and when Matt told him about Movimus (they met at the gym) he said he wanted to do a match. Matt had no idea how tough Antonio would be. What he lacked in wrestling skills he made up for in pure determination, and strength.

Both of these guys have well defined, tight, muscular bodies and they use every ounce of muscle in this match. Many times they ask each other "you give?", but this match goes 19 minutes with only one submission ( I think out of sheer exhaustion). Matt keeps Antonio in various body scissors for long periods. He tries a sleeper, full nelson, arm bars, and any thing else he can think of in combination with the body scissors, but Antonio seems to just get tougher and more determined not to give up. You'll love seeing how pumped Antonio gets by the middle of the match, pumped all over. He just seems to get more and more defined as the match goes on. Matt is already cut and ripped and you can sure see every inch of their muscles locked against each other.

The finishing hold is a crushing head lock and powerful squeeze. We'll let you see who the winner is, but trust me on this one, you won't be disappointed with the wrestling in this match.

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