Frank Savage vs. Bert Alvarez

Frank Savage vs. Bert Alvarez

Total Running Time: 25:50
File Size: 373.7MB

Frank Savage 5'4" 125 30yo
Bert Alvarez 5'3" 135 27yo

Two really good, smaller wrestlers, we found out after the match that this was not the first time that these two guys wrestled. Frank (black speedos ), from Washington, DC, has traveled to Philly just a couple of months before this match to take on Bert (purple speedos ). Both of these guys have a lot of submission wrestling experience, so this is a good match of two equal and experienced wrestlers.

But this is not an all out fight, like so many other Movimus matches. These two guys had a lot of fun in this match. They verbally taunted each other constantly. The name calling was getting pretty harsh at times, but the wrestling stayed tough throughout. They both knew how to stretch, squeeze, twist, and pound their opponent, and they did. This is a total endurance match. Both wrestlers are so equal in size and wrestling ability that they went the full time limit without a submission. Finally calling it a draw, they left the mat as "good friends", each vowing to beat the other in a rematch.

Movimus fans will love the moves and holds, the long held locks and squeezes. At least twice, they were each close to giving up, but they both were experienced enough to wrestle out of the others best holds. It's going to take an awful lot for either of these guys to make the other give up.

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