Vinny Reno vs. Dane Tarsen

Total Running Time: 17:26
File Size: 213.2MB

Vinny Reno 6' 195 29yo
Dane Tarsen 5'10" 180 36yo

Vinny Reno (navy blue speedos) wanted this match badly. He met Dane (Blue with with strip speedos) the night before, when Dane arrived from London. Dane was convinced he can take the NYC big guy and that just made Vinny more determined not to lose. When Dane suggested a "real" no holds barred match, Vinny was totally up for it.

Movimus never knew that Vinny liked to wrestle like that, with all those body shots and gut punches, and it didn't take long for this match to get down and dirty. Both these guys are in fantastic shape and could last in a match for a long time. But this was brutal. The punching never stopped and both these guys are strong enough that pack a powerful shot. They could both take it too. Vinny was relentless. He wasn't going to lose and he wanted to beat the Londoner badly. Vinny pounded on Dane, but Dane kept coming back. This one is a real brawl. Vinny was the one complaining he was sore after the match, not Dane - surprisingly.

Vinny was pounding on Dane's muscles, and there is a lot of them. Dane is cut, tight, a real wrestler and very strong. He is not used to losing. He was pumped and defined throughout the match. The more Vinny pounded on him, the more defined Dane got. He hurt Vinny a couple of times, and it showed on Vinny, but never on Dane.

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