Dane Tarsen vs. Aaron Scott

Total Running Time: 20:15
File Size: 177.2MB

Dane Tarsen 5'10" 180 36yo
Aaron Scott 5'10" 185 28yo

Aaron (navy blue speedos) is from LA now living in NYC. He met Dane (purple speedos) , who was visiting NYC from London, a few years ago in LA on one of his trips and they became friends, but had never wrestled before. Dane actually invited Aaron to the Movimus gym for a match. The challenge was enthusiastically accepted. Aaron is a big, thickly muscled guy; very strong legs and powerful chest. Dane is no slouch either. He is a well-built, wrestling Brit who came to the US for some good matches. Both of these guys have a lot of wrestling experience, but this match is definitely more erotic. It's real, in the Movimus tradition, but you can't help but see the level of emotion that was flowing between these two wrestlers.

At one point, Aaron is exhausted and tries for a submission by sitting on Dane's face. Great shots of this very long held hold. Not only did Dane refuse to submit but reversed the hold and got a "face sit" of his own. These guys wrestled two long matches without a break in-between. The camera never stopped rolling. It seemed the longer the match went on, the tougher these guys got and their stamina increased. They both could have continued, but they decided to go out for a beer instead. Dane was returning to London on a flight that night.

Hopefully, you'll see a lot more of both these guys on Movimus wrestling, but probably not against each other, if you know what we mean.

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