Johnny Romano vs. Jayson Arhe

Total Running Time: 24:24
File Size: 518.4MB

Johnny Romano            5'11"           170 lbs          45yo
Jayson Arhe                  5'7"             172 lbs          35yo

We get requests for  "more-experienced" wrestlers - well, you've got it here. Johnny (black speedos) was sent to Movimus by the new NYC wrestling club -- "WINS CLUB" -- He hails from Philadelphia and comes not only with the enthusiasm of the WINS CLUB membership, but with many impressive credentials. He is a wrestling gold medalist in the 1992 Gay Games. He is a master of all wrestling moves and holds, a gut-punching specialist who really knows how to work over an opponent. He is trained to be a "winner" at all cost and proves it here.

Jayson (hot blue speedos) is no beginner either. Hailing from San Francisco, California, he is the product of many matches for other wrestling video producers and was recommended to us by Kyle Bradford. He too is a trained specialist in submission "sambo" wrestling. He is built like a "brick s_ _ _ house" and always wrestles to win.

These two wrestling pro's start off even and determined. They use all the moves and holds that can possibly be used in a "REAL" match. There is no fake stuff here - you can see that for yourself. The verbal abuse is just an attractive side effect. Itís the wrestling that is totally awesome. We began to wonder if this match would ever end. Both men took a beating. So, obviously, they both dished out a lot of punishment.

It wound up being two-out-of-three, but totally lop-sided. You'll have to see the match to understand what we mean. Both these "experienced" men are a credit to all of us who have been wrestling for a lot of years (Movimus included). They show us how "good" it really is. ENJOY THIS ONE!

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