Michael Berkeley vs. Tory Stevens

Total Running Time: 17:38
File Size: 350.7MB

Michael Berkeley        5’11"      153  18yo
Tory Stevens               6’          156   19yo

THE BATTLE OF THE TEENS! Those of you that like the younger wrestlers, you’ve got them in this match. Michael (in the blue speedos) is a freshman in college and on the college baseball team as he was in High School. With very little wrestling experience, but a totally dominating attitude, he takes on Tory (green speedos) from Philly. Tory, who wrestled before for Movimus, came to NYC ready to avenge his loss to Mario Foccia. His naturally smooth, totally hairless, young body is the pleasure of this match, besides the really hot wrestling.

Neither of these guys are awesome wrestlers, but both are tough and aggressive. Each is out to be the victor, at any cost. The long sinewy muscle begins to get very pumped as the match goes on. After two matches, that last over 10 minutes each, they are even. It’s the third match that is the deciding bout. The challenge for match 3 comes from Michael, but Tory is up to the task. Lots of headlocks, body scissors, bear hugs, and each teen refuses to give under great pressure. Lots of verbal abuse (at least more than in most Movimus matches), too.

For those of you who like young, smooth, battling bodies, this is the match for you. These two teens go at it with a vengeance. They are tough, athletic, non-wrestlers who will probably be really good wrestlers in the near future.

There is an erotic side of match that is unparalleled in any Movimus Match thus far. It is quite clear who is infatuated with whom, and just how "BIG" his infatuation is.

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