Swage vs. Richard Sommers

Total Running Time: 24:51
File Size: 938.5MB

Swage     5'9"     162     24yo
Richard Sommers      5'10"   162   34yo

For all of you who have been asking for the "musclemen" - here they are. Swage, (very "hot" gray speedos), returns with great confidence after soundly defeating Jace Davis on Rec Room Battles 3. You've got to see his "equipment" as he stretches at the beginning of this match. Swage is a show-off. He bought this speedo just for this match and he wants the "whole world to see" - and they do.

Richard, (yellow speedos), is a wrestler at a NYC bar. He has experience with the NYC Knights and the Metro Wrestling club. You'd think Swage would be a little intimidated, having very little experience - NEVER - not Swage. He wrestles with "attitude" and wins with conviction.

Richard goes right after Swage. Swage pushes him off, again and again, until finally Swage hits the mat with a headlock on Richard. Swage strains and squeezes, and Richard canít believe it. Swages inexperience is obvious and so is his power. Even though this match is "super" aggressive, Richard admits that wrestling Swage is totally erotic.

There is a pretty even exchange of holds and submissions, but neither man wants to stop. If the battery in the camera didn't start to get low, they might still be wrestling. The outcome is a feast for the eyes, especially Richard's hot "yellow" and Swage's "pouch in gray".

 See for yourself, you won't be disappointed with this one.

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