Jace Davis vs. Swage

Total Running Time: 19:28
File Size: 417.5MB

Jace Davis        5'8"      143lbs.       26
Swage              5'9"       162lbs.      23

Jace, (green speedos), has green hair in this match. Swage, (black speedos), has dyed red hair. They are both performers at a punk rock night club in NYC. Jace, feeling pretty good about his wrestling ability, challenged the hunky, muscular Swage to a submission match. Swage is a major show-off who loves putting the muscle to the smaller Jace. But Jace is a real fighter with super strong legs who hates to lose. Swage is really nervous when they get started. He has not been much of a wrestler, but you would never know that by his muscular shape. His defined chest and abs, and his 'tree-trunk' thighs will give you some idea of how much working out he does. His nervousness wears off pretty quick, but not without Jace getting the first submission. From then on Swage wrestled with great confidence, like a pro. He was awesome with his moves, control and humiliation of Jace. Jace was getting more and more angry. He wanted one really good lock that would make Swage squirm. Swage got more and more pumped as the match went on and wouldn't let up one inch on Jace. Swage found out that he likes to win in a big way. The body contact is hot and erotic throughout the match. The frustration on Jace is evident and appealing. Swage exhumes power, muscle and confidence. Swage is looking to take on some of the more powerful Movimus Wrestlers. He wants to "put down" the big guys, and if anyone can do it, Swage is the man. Hopefully, you will see a lot more of both these young, aggressive wrestlers.

Wrestlers: Jace Davis, Origins, Swage

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