Jace Davis vs. Erick Richards

Total Running Time: 19:40
File Size: 421.6MB

Jace Davis              5'8"        147lbs.     26yo
Erick Richards        5'7"         142lbs.    28yo

Jace starts off this match with a lot of confidence after his win over Mario Foccia. He figured that wrestling an older, lighter guy would not be much of a challenge. Erick contacted us and asked to wrestle Jace after seeing his victory over Mario. Erick is wiry and strong with super-powerful legs. What Jace didn't know was that Erick has been wrestling for years and knows it all. Jace went right at Erick looking for a quick win. His awesome headlock held Erick for a long time and had Erick thinking about giving up, he admitted later. Jace found out right away just how much a "real" wrestler can take. Erick had made up his mind, long before this match started, that he wasn't going to get beat by Jace . He made Jace work real hard for every hold. A respect for each other developed as this match continued. The strain and stubbornness showed in the long, stretched muscles of both men. This was an awesome match from beginning to end. They wound up wrestling to five submissions, hard fought and grueling right to the end. Lots of surprises in this one, and definitely, one of the best wrestling matches Movimus has taped. You won't want to miss this match.

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