Sean Patrick vs. Marty Arneson

Total Running Time: 18:52
File Size: 411.6MB

Sean Patrick             6'        162lbs.       27
Marty Arneson         5'8"      135lbs.       26

Sean (in the Black Speedo's) was confident he could handle a 135 pounder, especially since he has a pretty good background in wrestling. He is built, strong, aggressive and has long, strong legs that he knows how to use. He bragged that he wins most of his matches with some kind of scissors.

Marty (in the hot Red Speedo's) wouldn't talk to Sean before the match. His excuse was he "wanted to stay focused". Marty was out to beat the big guy from the outset, but he had a tough time for most of the match.

They wrestled three submissions - long, drawn out matches in which both guys took a lot of punishment. Marty is real strong and willing to fight hard to win, but can he handle the bigger Sean, with his awesome legs? Check it out. It is a great match. You're gonna see a lot of these guys on future Movimus Wrestling.

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