Brian Post vs. Ian Calley

Total Running Time: 24:33
File Size: 858MB

Brian Post         6'       170lbs.      27
Ian Calley          6'       176lbs.      24

Brian, with blond hair and blue eyes (definitely model looks), was visiting NYC from Baltimore when he asked Movimus for a wrestling opponent.

Ian, a NYC businessman, had very little wrestling experience but was up for a good match and workout. Both men wrestled cautiously at first, not knowing what to expect from each other. That didn't last too long. Brian was the first to begin to get aggressive. You could tell Brian wanted to kick some NYC butt on his trip up from Baltimore.

Ian was overwhelmed at first and it took him a while to counter the strength and moves of his Baltimore opponent. Everyone knows, NYC doesn't like to lose at anything. Brian wrestled like he wanted to beat the whole city. Believe it or not, these two guys left as friends and went out for a beer together.

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