Mike Adams vs. Vinny Reno

Total Running Time: 20:15
File Size: 741MB

Mike Adams       6'1"     205lbs.     19
Vinny Reno        6'        195lbs.     28

Mike (in the striped Blue Speedo's) and Vinny (in the Green Speedo's) both wrestled in High School and College. Both are just about as tough as they come, love a good fight, and are trained to be winners, not losers.This match is aggressive and rough. Their collegiate training is evident throughout the match.

The use of multiple holds will make you wonder what hold is going to make someone give. They wrestled only two submission matches before they were both exhausted.Each match lasted about 15 minutes of grueling wrestling. Both immediately agreed to a rematch and we is in the process of setting up that match. Be ready to see tough muscular bodies tearing each other apart.

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