Mario Foccia vs. Tory Stevens

Total Running Time: 18:12
File Size: 650.6MB

Mario Foccia                         5'5"         145lbs.         30
Tory Stevens                         6'            150lbs.         19

Mario (in the Black Speedo's) is much shorter than Tory (in the Red Speedo's). But Mario is a "little powerhouse", as you will see immediately. He uses his power on an unsuspecting Tory. But don't sell Tory short, he knows how to use his really long legs, and he does. Mario has a hard time, even with his incredible strength, handling the long,sinewy legs of Tory.

After a tough match, and multiple submissions, Mario and Tory became great friends. They will obviously be doing a lot of wrestling. Maybe we can even get a tag-team out of them.

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