Jolt Jenkins vs. Tyler Manning

Jolt Jenkins                  6’               173 lbs         25yo
Tyler Manning              5’11”          172 lbs         20yo

Two very evenly matched wrestlers – both in great shape – both really nice guys that have a nasty streak on the mat. Jolt (yellow speedos) took one look at Tyler (blue speedos ) and said “this guy looks strong”. Tyler is not intimidated at all. He’s ready. Tyler has huge, muscular thighs and plans on getting Jolt to tap with his legs. He’s ready.

Jolt takes Tyler to the mat and before he can do anything about it, he’s caught in Tyler’s legs. Over and over he escapes the huge, strong, muscular legs of Tyler, but again and again Tyler wraps his legs around Jolt. A nasty head scissors has Jolt squirming to escape.

Jolt uses his very strong arms and chest to get control of Tyler. A tight armbar has Tyler in trouble. A great, strong headlock has Tyler flat on his back and working hard to escape. These two wrestlers are great. Both have super determination and stamina and this match is just as even as it could be. You don’t know who the winner will be until the very end – and there is definitely a winner.

Jolt and Tyler asked us to tag team against Connor Flynn and Donnie Braxton - interesting!

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