Case "CT" Thornton vs. Rusty Rabell

Case “CT” Thornton            6’        152 lbs      25yo
Rusty Rabell                       6’         149 lbs      27yo

Two perfectly matched wrestlers – both with lots of submission wrestling experience. Rusty (blue speedos) has been asking for a match against CT (green speedos). Rusty told us “if this guy has to wrestle a real wrestler, he’ll lose”. So Rusty starts the match totally positive that he can beat CT.

CT is one very tough competitor. He doesn’t look it, but he can be a great match for any wrestler near his size. He knows all the moves and holds and he just won’t quit. Rusty knows all that and is prepared to beat the tough guy from Wisconsin.

Rusty immediately clamps a powerful headlock on CT and brings CT to the mat. But CT catches a leg so Rusty can’t sit-through and put maximum pressure on the hold. CT keeps wrapping his legs around Rusty and it begins to take it’s toll. Rusty holds that headlock for a long time and CT is in trouble a couple times, but powers and wrestles out each time.

CT finally gets behind and goes for a rear head scissors, but can’t seem to pull on Rusty’s chin and can’t get the pressure on the hold. At one point (after about 18 minutes on the mat) CT says “one of us is going to tap-out and it ain’t gonna be me”.

Well, after 22 minutes there is just one tap-out at the very end – an extremely exciting match – total nonstop action. Both wrestlers are asking for a rematch – CT wants a World Series Match. He’s probably going to get his wish.

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