Tommy "Ruk" Rukker vs. Tyler Manning

Tommy “Ruk” Rukker 5’7 147 19yo
Tyler Manning 5’11” 171 20yo

Tyler (purple speedos) figures he can handle Ruk (blue speedos). But Ruk is a really great wrestler, especially for a little guy. He has loads of experience and loves a good submission match, especially against a bigger opponent. Tyler just figures he can use his weight and size to squash Ruk.

But Ruk has wicked strong legs and knows how to use them to get a tap out. Tyler too has really big, muscular thighs and he knows how to squeeze and put the pressure on. We figured the winner would be whichever wrestler got the best leg holds, the longest, and the strongest. We weren’t wrong.

Both wrestlers worked legs. Ruk tried to use his upper body strength to overpower Tyler, then warp him up with his legs and get a tap-out. Tyler wasn’t about to let that happen. Twice Ruk found himself trying to escape from a head scissors and chin lock. Tyler wrestles really hard to escape Ruk’s powerful legs as well. These two young wrestlers go at each other with a vengeance, but walk off the mat and immediately ask for a rematch. In fact, they wanted to do a second match right away, but we promised them another match in the near future.

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