Jay Phoenix vs. Brock Hammer

Total Running Time: 27:58
File Size: HD 1.16GB/ 4K 6.09GB 

Brock Hammer              6’2”                  217lbs               21yo
Jay Phoenix                  5’11”                 233lbs               21yo

Brock (blue speedos) has a real challenge from Big Jay (red/black speedos). Jay has been doing a lot of pro wrestling in Europe and Brock knows that Jay is undefeated at Movimus. Brock said he was ready. He trimmed down and looks in great shape. It’s really great to get two big, young wrestlers going against each other.

Brock took control early in the match and worked all different moves on Jay. But Jay is a real pro and countered Brock at every turn. Jay tried gaining control, but Brock used his power and long legs to stay on top. Brock tried a tight choke, a straight out choke – forearm across the throat – and poured on the pressure. Jay powers out and frustrates Brock. Just great wrestling

They wrestle evenly for over 15 minutes and it comes down to who is going to win the third match – it’s one-to-one at this point. They both wrestle with everything they know. Lots of power moves from these big guys. Lots of chokes, attempts at ankle locks, and wicked head locks. Another ten minutes and there is most definitely a winner. Like the great athletes that both these wrestlers are, they shake hands and promise each other a rematch. I can’t wait.

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