Tyler Manning vs. Rusty Rabell: The Rematch

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Tyler Manning 5’11” 177 20yo
Rusty Rabell 5’11” 151 26yo

THE REMATCH! The very next day – both wrestlers were very anxious for this rematch. Both guys are wrestling with “black eyes” from yesterdays match. Will it be payback time, or will it be a decisive victory? Tyler (light blue speedos) has those awesome strong legs. He asked us to show him some new ways he could beat guys with his legs, and we did. Rusty (red speedos) exhumes confidence. He is not that big, but he is strong and he’s a real good wrestler – and he knows it. This is just a perfect set up for a match.


Tyler gets a take-down and Rusty reverse. Rusty gets control with a headlock and Tyler gets his legs around Rusty and squeezes. Rusty gets a tight triangle choke and Tyler uses all his muscle to escape. Rusty gets a front face lock and choke – Tyler muscles out. Rusty does a real good job of keeping out of Tyler’s legs, but that’s bound to change as Tyler gets more and more determined. Rusty tries new moves, new locks, he tries some that Tyler doesn’t know. This is some great wrestling.

This is definitely one of the best rivalries we’ve ever had at Movimus. Both guys are planning for their next match. Other Movimus wrestlers want to challenge both wrestlers. Just the way we like it. We don’t have to set up the matches, the wrestlers are doing it themselves.

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