Tommy "Ruk" Rukker vs. Donnie "Brax" Braxton

Total Running Time: 20:51
File Size: HD 800MB / 4K 4.64GB

Donnie “Brax” Braxton             6’           173 lbs            25yo
Tommy “Ruk” Rukker              5’7”        147 lbs             19yo

Tommy (green speedos) challenged Donnie (light green speedos). Ruk wanted to really test his strength and skill and he was confident that he could beat Brax. Brax is more ripped and in as good as shape as he was in when he was wrestling in high school.

Tommy goes to his back and wraps his legs around Brax. Brax works consistently to get in a tight armbar, but Ruk is able to defend. Ruk likes using his legs gets Brax in a quasi head scissors with a tight arm around his neck. No way out for Brax.

Second match, again Brax is in a body scissors with Ruk on his back. Again Brax goes for the arm bar and it turns into a real test of muscle. Both these wrestlers just keep at each other. It seems that they both get stronger and faster as they wrestle. They battle it out until there is a definite winner.

The rematch is already scheduled. Looks like this is another great Movimus rivalry. Ruk loves wrestling and beating bigger guys – and he’s good at it too.

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