Jax Holland vs. Brian Hollister: Match 3

Total Running Time: 18:36
File Size: HD 1.05GB/ 4K 4.15GB

Jax Holland 6’ 196 21 yo
Brian Hollister 6’ 201 21yo

The re-rematch. Jax (blue speedos) kept asking for this third match against his good friend and football teammate, Brian (red speedos). Brian is just so powerful , so strong, and has sure attitude that it is really hard to gain control over him and keep it. Jax is a very, very powerful dude as well and he is determined to beat Brian overall. This match was completely set up by the two wrestlers. We just showed up to do the taping.

Brian gets the take-down, goes for the head lock (his best and most punishing hold). Jax reverses. Brian smiles and puts Jax on his back. Jax uses his legs a lot, or at least tries too. Brian’s power arms pushes Jax’s legs apart. Jax gets angry and tougher. Brian wraps him in a head lock and holds him there.

When Brian gets a leg lock on, either head or body scissors, it’s awesome strong and almost always a tap-out. Jax knows that and does his best to keep away from Brian’s legs. Take a look at the power in Jax’s legs when he clamps on a tight body scissors. Look at that defined muscle.

Some great wrestling – two awesome muscle boys. Both have attitude and strength – a great combination at Movimus Wrestling.

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