Max Anderson vs. Kevin Harris

Total Running Time: 22:13
File Size: HD 902.1MB/ 4K 4.6GB

Kevin Harris                6’1”          192 lbs           21yo
Max Anderson            5’11”         189 lbs           27yo

Kevin (green-black speedos) challenged Max (gray speedos)! We knew he would. Kevin is probably the most competitive wrestlers we’ve ever had at NHB. He wants to be on tope and he won’t stop working until he gets there. He totally knows how strong he is and he is working on perfecting his wrestling so he simply won’t be beat. Challenging Max means to Kevin that he is challenging the best at NHB.

They stretch, they lock up, they roll for a bit, testing each other out. Then Kevin goes right for the head scissors, gets it, and pours on the pressure. Max refuses to submit; he takes it for a while, then begins to roll trying to escape. Max finally rolls Kevin to his back and just barely manages to squeeze out of his legs – incredible. But Max can’t continue; he’s dizzy and dazed and has to walk off the mat. He didn’t tap out, but he definitely could not continue after that wicked headscissors.

They continue with Max having a lot more respect for Kevin’s legs. “He’s not going to get me in that again”, Max told us. Kevin eventually gets Max to tap out, but just once. At the very end, Max catches Kevin in a body scissors and headlock – real fast move – and Kevin taps. So it ends in a draw and perfect set up for the rematch. Kevin is texting us everyday asking for the rematch.

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