Kevin Harris vs. Jarrett Hanlon

Total Running Time: 20:21
File Size: HD 885.8MB/ 4K 4.54GB

Kevin Harris                    6’1”                193                  21yo
Jarrett Hanlon                 5’11”              184                  27yo

Jarrett (purple speedos) is Mikey’s older brother. Also a HS and college wrestler, Jarrett is very well muscled, skilled and in awesome shape. Kevin (green speedos) is a very, very strong Texan, well built, tough – a veritable powerhouse. Check out his legs if you haven’t already against Connor Flynn and Donnie “Brax” Braxton --- all muscle and he knows how to use them.

These muscle boys don’t hold back at all. They both have great determination and both hate to lose – passionately. Jarrett uses his skill to get Kevin down. Kevin uses his power to reverse. Kevin uses his powerful bodyscissors. Jarrett employs all his skill to escape. Check out Jarrett’s “guns” – not shabby at all. A good headlock by Jarrett has Kevin squirming to escape.

Back and forth with the younger wrestler maintaining control each time it is wrested from him. Kevin works on top but just can’t seem to finish the experienced wrestler. Some really excellent moves, awesome cut and ripped bodies looking to destroy each other. Everyone is going to just love watching these two guys go at each other.

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