Jolt Jenkins vs. Case "CT" Thornton: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 30.23
File Size:  1.43GB

Jolt Jenkins                        6’    173    25yo
Case “CT” Thornton           6’    144    24yo

The Rematch! Jolt (pink speedos) is totally ready for this rematch. No way is this little skinny, tough guy going to beat him again. CT (ruby speedos) is just relaxed. He is totally confident that he can easily beat Jolt just like the did the last time. They start bad mouthing each other as soon as they get to the studio.

CT brings Jolt to the mat right off. He gains control, stays on top and works all kinds of different moves. Jolt uses his awesome upper body strength to escape, but he can’t reverse. CT is too quick and too good. CT starts the triangle choke. Jolt knows its coming and powers out, but falls and CT has him good. Jolt struggles for about two minutes trying to escape that powerful leg lock and choke, but he just can’t do it and is forced to tap-out or pass-out.

The second fall goes 25 minutes to a draw and you just won’t believe what a wicked battle it is. Both wrestlers go all out to beat the other and get the win. Jolt uses his muscle and locks up CT and holds him helpless, but just can’t get the submission. They get into a double head scissors and both wrestlers really, really squeeze. You can see the strain, strain to win and strain not to tap-out. Equal match – great wrestlers – and super competition. No stopping, no breaks, and no submissions for 25 minutes – and it certainly is not over.

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