Jolt Jenkins vs. Case "CT" Thornton: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 30.23
File Size:  1.43GB

Jolt Jenkins                        6’    173    25yo
Case “CT” Thornton           6’    144    24yo

In the highly anticipated rematch at the Movimus Wrestling Studio, Jolt, clad in pale pink speedos, was fueled by a burning desire for redemption against CT, who appeared relaxed and confident in his burgundy speedos. The tension was palpable from the moment they arrived, with both wrestlers engaging in fierce verbal exchanges.

The match commenced with CT swiftly bringing Jolt to the mat, asserting his control early on. CT's dominance was evident as he skilfully executed various moves, keeping Jolt on the defensive. Despite Jolt's impressive upper body strength and desperate attempts to escape, CT's quickness and expertise were overwhelming.

The highlight of the match came when CT initiated a triangle choke. Jolt, anticipating this move, exerted his full power to break free but ultimately succumbed to CT's relentless leg lock and choke, leading to a tap-out.

In an astonishing turn of events, the second fall extended to a grueling 25-minute draw, showcasing an intense and evenly matched battle. Jolt leveraged his muscular advantage, immobilizing CT in a powerful hold, yet was unable to secure a submission. The double head scissors that ensued was a sight to behold, with both wrestlers exerting maximum effort and enduring immense strain.

The match exemplified an equal footing in terms of skill and competitiveness. The relentless intensity, absence of breaks, and the lack of submissions for a full 25 minutes underscored the sheer determination and resilience of both wrestlers.

This Movimus Wrestling event was not just a match; it was a testament to the spirit of competition and the incredible prowess of Jolt and CT. Fans eagerly await the continuation of this gripping rivalry, which is far from over.

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