Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Kevin Harris

Total Running Time: 32:25
File Size: HD 1.35GB/ 4K 7.19GB

Donnie “Brax” Braxton 6’ 173 25yo
Kevin Harris 6’1” 189 21yo

Kevin (blue speedos) challenged Brax (red speedos) after watching Brax’s match against Connor Flynn. Kevin knew that Brax was the better wrestler, but Kevin was convinced that he could take down the wrestler with his power, especially his powerful legs. The first fall, that is exactly what he did, wrapped is huge arms around Brax’s head and neck and got a quick tap out.

But Brax is a very, very skilled wrestler. These two guys spend a lot of time on their feet, measuring each other out, testing each others power and going for a quick and decisive take-down. Brax is a pro. He head-locks Kevin, buries his butt in Kevin’s gut, flips him over and applies that vicious head clamp that he is so famous for. Kevin taps out real quickly. Kevin tries the head scissors over and over again. What a site – his awesome, muscular legs wrapped around Brax’s head, many times. This is a great match to watch.

It’s back and forth , give and take for twenty-five minutes. Both wrestlers have awesome stamina and want to keep going. Without a doubt, these are two of the best Movimus wrestlers to watch. Smooth, muscular bodies, determination, skill and power are all here. This is great ! !


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