Marc Matthews vs. Jake Benton

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Marc Matthews 5’9” 155 41yo
Jake Benton 6’ 165 29yo

Marc (orange speedos) returns to Movimus with a friend, Jake (red speedos), that he has been waiting to challenge. Jake has a lot of wrestling experience but so does Marc. These two guys are good friends but both want a piece of each other. Both expect to return to LA a winner. They start facing each other, jockeying for the take-down and you can tell right away that they are very evenly matched. This match can go either way.


Marc works some really good moves and holds, but Jake seems to be able to escape just about anything. Marc gets a really tight body scissors and head lock from behind. Jake is in trouble but keeps squirming and wrestling till he escapes. Jake gets on top and puts pressure on his forearm across Marc’s throat, but Marc twists and wrestles till he gets free. Jake tries an ankle lock, Marc goes for a heel lock. Both use their strong legs, but both escape and reverse.

And that’s how it goes for 25 minutes – no tap-outs, no submission – not till the very end of the match. One wrestler is going home a winner, but we definitely have the feeling that this feud has just begun.

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