Tanner Martin vs. Paul Castellano: The Rematch

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Paul Castellano   5’10    174 lbs.                      
Tanner Martin   6’    168 lbs.  

THE REMATCH ! ! !   Paul (red speedos) challenges Tanner (navy blue speedos) to a rematch the very next day after their first match.   Tanner is coming off of a 2 – 1 victory over Paul and Paul will have none of that.   “I’m ready” Paul said as soon as he came into the studio.   Tanner is always ready for a match.   He loves a challenge and he total is aalways looking for an aggressive wrestling match.

But Paul was right.    He was ready for Tanner.  Lots of action in this re-match as Paul shows Tanner just how strong he is.   Paul takes Tanner to the mat and gets behind him over and over again, working for a good tight body scissors, a rear-naked choke, or anything that will get Tanner to tap out.  Paul uses his super powerful upper body to control and man-handle Tanner, but he just can’t get Tanner to submit.   Paul works a great front head lock, but Tanner escapes and wrestles back to the control position.

Riding time definitely goes to Paul – as Tanner struggles to get on top and take control.  But Tanner gets the only tap out when he puts Paul in a front choke and cranks on the pressure.   Paul struggles but Tanner has the choke in deep and Paul is forced to tap out.  

Paul comes right back and puts Tanner once again on the mat.  Paul works hard to get the right move and hold to get Tanner to submit, but it just doesn’t happen.  You can bet that these guys are not finished with each other.

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