Tanner Martin vs. Paul Castellano

Total Running Time: 26:39
File Size: HD 2.03/ 4K 3.01GB

Paul Castellano   5’10”     173 lbs.                      
Tanner Martin   6’     165 lbs. 


Having never met before, Paul Castellano (black speedos) and Tanner Martin (yellow speedos) came to the Movimus Studio, met each other and both immediately knew that they were in for a really rough, tough match.  But Tanner put his extremely powerful legs to work right away and got Paul to tap out in his awesome body scissors.  Paul could not believe how strong Tanner’s legs are.   “No one has ever made me tap in body scissors” he said.   “That’s a first.”

So Paul knew that he had to use his well built arms and chest to take Tanner down, get behind him and finish him off.   So it’s give and take, back and forth, Paul valiantly working to keep out of Tanner’s legs and Tanner wrestling cautiously because he felt how very, very strong Paul is.

The second fall is much longer and a lot more intense.   Finally, Tanner catches Paul in an ankle lock.  Paul struggles for almost two full minutes but just can’t escape. He’s forced to tap out. 

A very confident Tanner is now secure with this win.  But Paul will have none of it.  Paul give Tanner some real punishment in the next two falls and Tanner is fighting back with everything he has.   But is it enough – and is Paul strong enough to make Tanner tap?  That’s the question!   Tanner is a very, very tough guy.   Paul is out to prove that he will not be beat. 

Totally fantastic match from start to finish.   These two guys are real wrestlers – and winners!


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