Tanner Martin vs. Braden Trelisse

Total Running Time: 22:28
File Size: HD 1.71GB/ 4K 2.54GB

Braden Trelisse   5’7”     174 lbs.                      
Tanner Martin   6’     163 lbs. 

Braden (red speedos) challenges Tanner knowing only too well have very tough Tanner is, especially what fantastically strong legs Tanner has.   “I will be able to beat him if I can just stay away from his body and head scissors” Braden told us before the match.  But that is not so easy to do, since Tanner knows that, when he uses his legs, he wins most of his matches.  So it doesn’t take too long in the first fall before Barden finds himself in a full body scissors and a front choke from the guard position.  It’s only a matter of a few seconds before Braden taps out.

But then the match gets much more intense and Branden is super cautious showing just what a great wrestler he is.   Braden works hard to get behind Tanner and maintain control.   Braden also has awesome strong legs and he is just waiting for the right move to put the big squeeze on Tanner.  But Tanner is really a fantastic wrestler, strong, intense and willing to do just about anything to win a match.  Braden, although very skilled, strong and trained, struggles to keep Tanner under control.  Both these wrestlers are incredible.  This is one really great match.

It ends in a 2 – 2 draw and both guys promise a rematch real soon.  Tanner is more than confident that he can beat Braden, and Braden knows just what he needs to do to beat Tanner.  These two 20 year old wrestlers and psyched, excited and totally committed to wrestling each other again – and again if necessary.  This is one competition that is not going to end soon.   They are both committed to continue until there is one obvious winner and a totally dejected loser!

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