Tanner Martin vs. Shawn Duncan

Total Running Time: 32:08
File Size: HD 2.47GB/ 4K 3.64GB

Shawn Duncan 5’5”          152 lbs.
Tanner Martin 6’         158 lbs.

Tanner (navy blue speedos) has been asking for a match against Shawn (green thong) for a very long time.   We finally got the match set up and these two wrestlers came totally ready to go at each other.   “I already heard what awesome strong legs he’s got”  Shawn told us before the match.  “I’m going to watch out for his ‘big squeeze’”.    But Tanner is just too strong, too fast and too agile.   It wasn’t long after the match started that Tanner wrapped his long, very strong legs, around Shawn’s waist.   But Shawn was ready and prepared – so he wrestled tough and managed to escape.   Shawn immediately worked for his finishing reverse head lock and choke, but Tanner too did his homework and prevented Shawn from getting the move on tight enough to get the win.

" The grappling here is raw and emotional... The well-matched pair - perfectly matched in weight, if not in height - seem bent on mutual destruction..."

Ringside at Skull Island

This is an all-out match -----  no holding back at all.   Each wrestler is working for the win with every move and hold.   Tanner is remarkably and deceivingly strong – much strong than he looks.  Shawn, of course, is a real powerhouse, actually much stronger than he looks, if that is possible.  It was a wicked ankle lock put on Shawn by Tanner that got the first win – and an extremely agitated and disappointed Shawn.

But, as the match progressed and both wrestlers started to tire out, Shawn proved that his huge muscle was  the decisive factor.   Shawn punishing head locks, neck squeezes, and bear hugs begun to take their toll on Tanner.  Surprisingly, this match ended in a draw, 2 – 2, after almost 35 minutes of wrestling.   Shawn wrestled tough, fast, strong and tirelessly.   Tanner kept up with him and managed to get in a few good, punishing moves on Shawn. 

Score:   2 – 2 and a promise of a rematch – very soon!

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