Braden Trelisse vs. Paul Castellano

Total Running Time: 25:40
File Size: HD 1.95GB/ 4K 

Braden Trelisse   5’7    176 lbs.                      
Paul Castellano   5’10”    175 lbs.

Braden (black speedos), only 20 years old, and Paul (red speedos), 24 years old, are two of the toughest guys to ever wrestle for Movimus.   Braden wrestled all though high school and Paul is trained in combat sports and very competitive.  Braden has huge, powerful legs and Paul’s arms and chest are super powerful.   From the time this match was set up, we were convinced that it was going to be one of our best – Ever !   And we were right ! ! !

"Paul and Braden are well matched, and the contest is suspenseful and attitude-free, with high-spirited give and take between these two."

Ringside at Skull Island

Braden wins the first fall by putting the “big squeeze” on Paul’s chest and ribs.   Paul tries to hang in there and escape, but there is “no way”.  Braden is just too strong.   The second fall is a lot more action and the exchange of moves and holds is much more even.  Although Braden seems to have the advantage in strength, Paul is not going to be intimidated and he is absolutely going to wrestle Braden as tough as he can until he tires the younger wrestler out.   Is that going to happen!

Both Braden and Paul are real brawlers.  They hit the mat hard and keep the action fast and hot.  They both go for finishing holds often, but they are both also very good at defense, so the match is quite even.  Paul loves getting behind Braden and working on his head an neck.   Braden catches Paul in a wicked tight head lock more than once and has Paul squirming to escape.  

These guys are just so strong!   They both know that one mistake and it’s all over.  They promise each other a rematch and many of the other Movimus wrestlers are asking for a match against each of them.    Shawn Duncan is top on the list !  

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