Eli Fisher vs. Kurtis Rivers

Total Running Time: 21:02
File Size: HD 1.6GB/ 4K 2.39GB

Kurtis Rivers                            5’7”                 131 lbs.                      
Eli Fisher                                  5’6”                 142 lbs.

Eli (dark green speedos) has been anxiously waiting for this match against Kurtis (light green speedos).  Kurtis has become the light-weight “man to beat” at Movimus.   Eli came to this match ready for a real tough challenge, but also not ready to lose to Kurt.   Eli goes right to work on Kurt using his awesome balance and upper body strength to bring Kurt to the mat and keep him there.  The first fall is a long one with Eli maintaining control and hoping for Kurt to make a mistake.   Eli is a truly outstanding mat wrestler and you can see how strong he is as he keeps throwing Kurt to the mat and staying on top.  But Eli never seems to get that really tough, finishing hold on Kurt.   Knowing how good a technical wrestler Kurt is, we were just waiting for Eli to lose control and Kurt to get the advantage.  But it never happened.   Eventually Eli got behind Kurt with a vicious choke and squeezed Kurt into submission.   No one was more surprised than Kurt.

The second fall is much shorter as Kurt comes out in typical Kurt fashion and goes after Eli in a big way.  As Eli again tries to get control, overpower Kurt and bring him to the mat, Kurt just won’t let that happen.  Kurt shows his superior skill by letting Eli get on top and then throw on a beautiful front triangle.  Eli struggles and Kurt tightens up.  Eli is deep in Kurt’s triangle and forced to tap out.   “That makes us even” Kurt tells Eli. 

So the third and final fall is a total “barn burner”.   Eli is determined and Kurt is confident.   This fall is a “mat war” and both combatants take a beating but keep coming back looking for the win.  Both powerful bodies are pushed to the limit as this fall continues.  But there is one winner – a definite winner and a really unhappy loser.   You can bet that these two guys are all ready to go at each other again.   These are really great wrestlers and winners.

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