Hunter Wiggins vs. Charlie Epps

Total Running Time: 22:29
File Size: HD 1.71GB/ 4K 2.55GB

Charlie Epps                  6’         207 lbs.
Hunter Wiggins             5’10”     215 lbs.

Hunter (red speedos) is a body builder, weight lifter, and a really powerful guy.   Charlie (gold/black speedos) came ready for a really tough match.    This is exactly what Hunter gave Charlie.   Hunter tossed Charlie around the mat for almost 25 minutes and Charlie sure wrestled tough and strong.   Charlie showed just how strong he really is as he countered or escaped from just about every move Hunter put on him.   They both just seemed to get stronger and stronger as the match continued.   Hunter worked on top often keeping Charlie wrestling from his back.  But many times Charlie reversed Hunter and made the big man work hard to get back in the “control” position.

"...watching these two heavyweights clamber over each other on the mat is a spellbinding spectacle..."

Ringside at Skull Island

Hunter kept trying for an arm bar, but Charlie seemed just too strong and agile.  Charlie would not let Hunter get a tight enough arm bar for a submission.  The back and forth, give and take, shows off the muscular definition and power of both wrestlers.   Charlie managed to avoid Hunter’s legs for most of the match and Hunter would not let Charlie get any type of a scissors on him.  Hunter got one good body scissors on Charlie.   Charlie struggled to push Hunter’s legs down around his hips so as to keep the pressure off his abs.   Great wrestling ! ! !

Charlie tried for a full nelson, but Hunter has just too much upper body power to get caught in that.  Charlie used his 207 pounds quite well once he got on top of Hunter and Hunter had to employ lots of stamina in order to get Charlie back on his back.   The first fall comes in about 5 minutes.  The second fall took over 20 minutes.  Remarkably, the same wrestler won both falls.  But these two guys are not finished with each other.  They have both already committed to a rematch!


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