Jeremy Dobbs vs. Eli Fisher

Total Running Time: 24:15
File Size: HD 1.85GB/ 4K 2.76GB

Jeremy Dobbs 5’11” 143 lbs.
Eli Fisher 5’5” 141 lbs.


Eli (white speedos) is as skilled wrestler after all four years on his high school wrestling team.  Jeremy wrestled all four years on his high school team.  The difference is that Jeremy has some ju-jitsu training.   Both these guys are strong and trained to win.   Eli goes for a head lock take down right away but loses his grip and Jeremy gets behind.  Jeremy puts on a rear naked choke and works for the body scissors.  Eli will not let Jeremy have the scissors, but the choke is enough.   Jeremy really cranks on the choke and Eli taps out.

"What we get here is an extremely tight contest that now demands a speedy rematch."

Ringside at Skull Island

Now Eli knows just how strong Jeremy is and he compensates by taking Jeremy down, getting in the parallel position and keeps the pressure on Jeremy’s head and neck.  Each time Jeremy tries to get to his knees, Eli just applies more pressure and get Jeremy on his back.   Jeremy is getting worked over, but he knows he can be patient and wait for Eli to make a mistake.   Finally Eli allows Jeremy to get free and, in an instant, Jeremy locks on a front face lock and body scissors.  As much as Eli struggles and fights back, Jeremy is just too strong and Eli taps again.

IT’s back and forth for the next falls.  Eli manages to get Jeremy to tap out also, just showing how strong and determined he is.  Jeremy surprises Eli with a cross-ankle lock when Eli thought he was in a great position to win that fall.   Eli can’t believe it, but Jeremy didn’t simply escape when Eli was behind him, but he got Eli to tap out in pain.   

Both Eli and Jeremy are already asking for a rematch. They are a super even match for each other and they are both ready to go at it again.   Great wrestling.   Great guys and an awesome match.

Wrestlers: Eli Fisher, Jeremy Dobbs

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