Charlie Epps vs. Julius Parker

Total Running Time: 22:49
File Size: HD 1.74GB/ 4K 2.59GB

Charlie Epps                 6’         207 lbs.
Julius Parker                 6’2”     204 lbs.

Newcomer, Julius (yellow speedos), has a wealth of wrestling background from High School to College.   He’s in great shape, muscular and strong, and he used to winning most all his matches.   Although submission is a bit new to him, he challenges Charlie Epps (green speedos).  Charlie is one of the strongest and toughest guys to ever wrestle for Movimus.   He’s of the same caliber – power, muscle and strength – as Brian Hollister.  So this is a real match of the “titans” – both big, tough wrestlers, both looking for the win and never wanting to tap-out!

"Both wrestlers are good at maintaining their composure under stress, and the competition provides plenty of stressful moments."

Ringside at Skull Island

Charlie works straight for a front face lock and clamps it on pretty tight until Julius escapes and gets behind Charlie taking him to the mat and getting the first take-down.  Julius works from behind Charlie and manages to control the match for a while.  When Charlie does escape, Julius dives for the legs for another take down, catching Charlies ankle and bringing him to the mat for a second time.  You can easily see how strong Julius is as he continues to control Charlie and push him around the mat.   But Charlie says “enough of this” and begins to use his awesome power to get on top and give Julius somewhat of a working over.   But Julius is really good and he’s pretty quick too, for a big guy, so Charlie works harder and much more powerfully to keep Julius on his back and under control. 

These guys are very evenly matched.  Either one of them has enough power to make to other guy tap – out, given the right move and hold.   They both work diligently for the submission.   Great wrestling.  Charlie gets much more of a workout and working over then he ever expected.   Julius never expected to be pushed around and controlled as much as he is in this match.   Super good holds.  Both guys have really powerful legs and know how to use them.  Evenly matched and determined not to lose, these wrestle a super match – and both are asking for a rematch!


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