Evan Turner vs. Kurtis Rivers

Total Running Time: 30:35
File Size: HD 2.33GB/ 4K 3.45GB

Kurtis Rivers                              5’7”                 131 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                               5’7”                 133 lbs.

Kurtis (white speedos) has been waiting for his chance to get Evan (blue speedos) on the mat. “I will beat him  - I don’t care how good he is” Kurtis has been telling the other wrestlers at Movimus. But everyone knows how good Evan is and how totally strong!    Evan has become the “man to beat” at Movimus – at least among the lightweights.  Kurtis and Evan are in great shape – super cardio – they can literally wrestle for hours.  So this match is anyone’s guess.   Kurtis is probably pound-for-pound one of the strongest guys to ever wrestle at Movimus.  Can Evan handle that much power?   Evan has major attitude and hates to lose even just one fall in a match.   What an awesome pair of tough guys !

You can just see the intensity when they start this match.   Look at the sinewy, ripped legs on both these wrestlers as they lock-up.  It’s back and forth, Kurtis in control, then Evan.  Kurtis on the bottom , then Evan.  Evan gets a headlock and Kurtis pushes on the chin and locks Evan in a figure-four head scissors.   Evan struggles but he can’t take the tremendous power in Kurtis’ legs.   Evan taps – and Evan is not happy.

They go at each other for three more falls.   Super tests of power and muscle.   Great holds and awesome endurance.  These guys want to win and they both love a really tough wrestling match.  That is exactly what this is.  Evan is used to a real challenge and a tough match.  Kurtis turns out to be more of a challenge, tougher and stronger, than Evan or anyone else imagined.   Evan strives for a win, but definitely takes a beating in the process.  Great moves, super ripped light-weight bodies pushed to their limits.   This is definitely a match for the record books.   We have not seen a tough match like this in a long time.

Don’t miss it !   

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