Kurtis Rivers vs. Jeremy Dobbs

Total Running Time: 22:53
File Size: HD 1.74GB/ 4K 2.6GB

Jeremy Dodds                         5’11”               147 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers                            5’7”                 131 lbs.

Kurtis (dark green speedos) challenges Jeremy (red speedos).   Jeremy is a skilled wrestler with super strong legs from his daily routine of skateboarding all over town.   That plus a 15 pound weight advantage gives Jeremy the edge in this match.  But watch out for Kurtis Rivers.  He is ready to wrestle anyone at anytime.  Definitely strong and a real good wrestler with “I’ve got to win” attitude, Kurtis is a force to be reckoned with on the mat.  These lean, muscular bodies are absolutely a real match for each other.

Jeremy puts Kurtis on the mat right away and works for a controlling hold.  But that’s not so easy against Kurtis.   It’s a real struggle but Kurtis winds up with a front face lock and full body scissors while on his back.  Jeremy is really struggling and wrestling tough trying to escape.  When Jeremy does power out of the hold, Kurtis puts him on his back with an arm pull and push-over.  But Jeremy is also a great wrestler on his back –so these two wrestlers keep working each other over.   Kurtis goes for a Kamara but Jeremy sees it coming and escapes.   Jeremy tries for his powerful head scissors at least three times but Kurtis manages to avoid that lock.It’s back and forth, but you can begin to see who the stronger/tougher guy is !   This is a real brawl, total submission wrestling.   When Kurtis uses his very strong, tight, muscular legs on Jeremy – you can see how much Jeremy has to struggle to escape.  It’s incredible how both these guys come right back for more wrestling as this match continues and these guys are working each other over.  This is the BEST!    A really super match !  

You can look for both these guys a lot more as they continue to draw challenges from the other wrestlers !

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