Duke Russo vs. Apollo: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 29:07
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Duke Russo           5’9”             180 lbs.

Apollo                    5’9”              192 lbs.

It did not take long for these two rivals to challenge each other to a rematch. Apollo (red speedo) has been hitting the gym harder and ever and honing his wrestling skills with a good training partner. Duke (orange speedos) is prepared for another victory, another win under his belt. Duke takes Apollo to the mat with a fireman’s carry and goes right to work on Apollo’s head. In seconds Duke locks in a front face lock and Apollo is forced to tap out. Amazing! Duke wins the first fall in less than five minutes.

"In fact, Apollo is probably Duke's best opponent yet..."

The Cave


Duke doesn’t let up at all. He goes for control right away in the second fall and overpowers a struggling, very strong Apollo, gets him down on his back and works to keep him on the receiving end. Apollo is taking a beating and Duke is not letting up at all. This second fall is not back and forth at all. Duke is in control and he knows it and he is going to get Apollo to tap out again. He does. Apollo is down 0 – 2 and he is determined to come out on top in this match no matter what !
So Apollo comes back to the mat for the third fall with a whole new mind set. This time he does get control and the match goes back and forth for a long time until Apollo finally locks a super tight reverse choke on Duke that has Duke in real trouble. Duke struggles, struggles and works as hard as he can to escape, but Apollo just won’t let go. Duke won’t tap out and Apollo has him really tight. But Apollo can tell that Duke is fading, fading fast. Duke is on the verge of passing out – still refusing to tap out – so Apollo lets go so Duke can breathe. Totally awesome!

The end of this match is outstanding as both these super muscle boys continue to pound on each other. These guys are incredible wrestlers, super bodies and probably the two strongest wrestlers that have ever walked on the Movimus mat.

Wrestlers: Apollo, Duke Russo

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