Evan Turner vs. Luke Basset

Total Running Time: 19:32
File Size: HD 1.5GB / 4K 7.4GB

Luke Basset    5’7”     136 lbs.                      
Evan Turner    5’7”     129 lbs.


Luke (navy speedos) challenges Evan (light blue speedos).   Luke is confident that is lanky, strong frame can handle the powerful, muscular Evan.  So right at the start Luke goes for a quick take-down, but Evan won’t let that happen.  Evan makes Luke use a lot of energy getting the take down, but, eventually, Luke is able to get behind Evan and begin using a strong body scissors.  But Evan is able to get Luke in his awesome ankle lock, rolls and works to get Luke to tap out with a full twist on the ankle.  Luke wrestle tough to escape – and does – but Evan has definitely shown what he can do. 

Again Luke gets the take down and immediately throws in a full body scissors that has Evan squirming and in trouble.  The more Evan struggles to escape, the more Luke keeps the pressure on and maintains control.  Both wrestlers are fighting with all their power.   Lots of action – very fast action!   These lightweights can more really quickly and put some real pressure on each other.  Luke wins the first fall.  Evan the second.  Two more falls and the match ends in a draw.   Evan immediately challenges Luke to a re-match and, of course, Luke jumps at the opportunity.   This is a real feud.   Evan hates to lose at all, and Luke is totally confident that he can beat Evan.   

Let’s see if we can eventually get these two wrestlers to do a World Series Match! 

Wrestlers: Evan Turner, Luke Basset

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