Evan Turner vs. Jeremy Dobbs

Total Running Time: 29:11
File Size: HD 2.24GB/ 4K 9.26GB

Jeremy Dobbs                         5’11”               145 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                             5’7”                 134 lbs.


Eighteen year old Jeremy Dobbs (blue speedos) challenges Evan Turner (red speedos).    Jeremy is a tough challenger.   Evan is simply a tough guy who has won most of his matches so far.  Jeremy is ready to seriously put Evan to the test.   Surprisingly, Jeremy gets control early In the match and is able to keep Evan on his back.   When Evan does turn and wrestle for control, Jeremy just get Evan to his back again and continues the control, although he never has Evan in any real trouble.   It’s back and forth, give and take for a very long time until Evan finally turns Jeremy on his neck in a cradle and uses all his weight to get Jeremy to tap out.

"Expect some rough and bumpy takedowns in this one, along with scissors, locks, slams, and sudden bursts of energy that make this battle fiercely entertaining!"

Ringside at Skull Island

Coming back for the second match being much more aggressive and determined, Jeremy goes all out to get Evan in a submission hold.   But Evan senses how much more aggressive Jeremy is and Evan also turns up the speed and power.   Very tough – both wrestler – hard fought and total submission wrestling.    Short second match and both wrestlers are more than ready to continue.

Third fall, Evan gets his vicious strong legs around Jeremy’s head and squeezes.   We thought it was all over, but we were totally wrong.   Jeremy took Evan’s head scissors for a long time until he finally escapes and begins an onslaught on Evan.   Remarkably, Evan picks up the pace and goes right after Jeremy.  Both wrestlers struggle with extreme stamina and power.   Who is going to come out on top.   There is definitely a winner :   2-out-of-3 and a commitment for a rematch.  These wrestlers are ready and capable.


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