Mark Molina vs. Evan Turner

Total Running Time: 23:43
File Size: HD 1.82GB/ 4K 7.56GB

Mark Molina                            5’9”                 167 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                            5’7”                 144 lbs.

Mark (red speedos) maybe be a bodybuilder, weight lifter and wrestler, but Evan (red, white, blue speedos) is a dynamo on the mat.   Evan is totally convinced that he is going to win this match, and Mark knows he’s in for a very tough fight against the much smaller wrestler.   These guys are friends but have never wrestled each other before.  So Evan goes for the first take down, but Mark uses his size and power to put Evan on his back.  Evan gets his very powerful legs wrapped around Mark in the guard position, so there is not much Mark can do.  He does manage to escape and they both get back to their feet. 

Mark again gets Evan on his back but this time Evan gets the body scissor and a really wicked from face head lock on Mark until he’s got Mark so tight that he forces the reversal and gets Mark on this back.   Immediately Evan clamps on a full body scissors that has Mark in some real trouble.  Evan is totally aggressive and works as hard as he can to keep the big guy on his back on the mat.   Evan stays on top and begins to drain all the energy out of Mark’s body. 

Incredible head scissors and a really vicious triangle choke is what Evan uses to try to get Mark to tap out.   Evan can’t believe how Mark powers out of the triangle – and he let’s Mark know that he is amazed that Mark escaped.   More back and forth with Evan doing his best to stay on top of the much bigger wrestler and dominate and control.  Mark manages to reverse and clamp down hard on Evan, but Evan is definitely more aggressive and psyched to win.   This is just awesome.   Check out this little wrestler (Evan) do his very best to dominate and beat the big muscle bodybuilder (Mark).



Wrestlers: Evan Turner, Mark Molina

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