Case "CT" Thornton vs. Davide Stefano: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 27:23
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Davide Stefano                       6’                     182lbs.           
Case “CT” Thornton                5’11”               164lbs.           


Davide (yellow speedos) wanted a re-match before he returned home to Italy.   CT (red speedos) was more than willing to give the big Italian Muscle Boy another beating.   They met the very next day for this awesome rematch.   Davide is more focused, tougher and definitely out to win.   CT gets the early control with side-control and starts to work over Davide.  But Davide will have none of it.  He quickly reverses CT and gets his legs and but on CT’s face and head while he uses his arms to control CT’s legs.  There are not too many wrestlers that have had this much control over CT – for this length of time !   CT is struggling to escape and you can see the strain on his face.

"Very quickly Stefano has proved himself a force to reckon with, and in build, strength, and resilience he finds a near equal in Thornton, who never fails to impress, one of the most controlled and effective grapplers on the Movimus roster."

Ringside at Skull Island


This match is much more aggressive and tougher than the first match.  You can easily see that Davide is definitely out to beat CT.  But CT will rise to any real challenge.  He’s a great wrestler and he can use his skill quite effectively when he has too.    At one point, Davide catches CT is a vicious choke that has CT in some real trouble.  Davide pours the pressure on CT neck and CT is gasping for air.   At this point, Davide’s powerful, muscular body is straining fiercely to get CT to tap out.   Great shots of the choke – awesome defense by CT as he struggles with all his power and skill to escape. 

Back and forth, give and take, these two wrestlers are using all their power and skill.   Both awesome bodies are pushed and stretched to their limits.   Super action – awesome wrestling.   This is definitely one of the best submission matches you will find anywhere.

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