Case "CT" Thornton vs. Davide Stefano

Total Running Time: 30:26
Fie Size: HD 1.68GB/ 4K 8.26GB

Davide Stefano                       6’                     184lbs.           
Case “CT” Thornton                5’11”               162lbs.           

Visiting America from Italy, Davide (red/blue speedos) challenges CT (blue speedos).   Davide is quite an accomplished and has a reputation of being very strong and aggressive.  CT loves to win especially showing his awesome skill in getting a bigger opponent to tap out.   Davide came ready to wrestle and most ready to win. CT knew he was in for a very tough match.

CT gets put on his back, but it’s not long before he reverses and get on top of Davide.  CT loves to bury his knee into the stomach of his opponents and you can see the pain on Davide’s face when CT has that knee planted.   Davide is very, very strong and he can easily toss CT off.   But CT has the skill and the power to use that skill, so, once again, Davide finds himself in the guard position not sure how to break out of CT’s body scissors.

CT works for an arm bar, but Davide successfully defends.   CT then tries for a triangle choke, but Davide slips away from his legs. Obviously, Davide has the power and strength to fend off CT, but for how long.   CT is a “master of endurance”.  He never gets tired during a match.   Can Davide last and stay strong enough to keep CT from a win?  

CT keeps the pressure on – for a very long time.   Side control, scissors, reversals back and forth.   Lots of action – not long held holds.   Multiple escapes and reversals until CT finally gets a really wicked triangle on Davide.   Davide tries to escape, tries to endure, tries to use his huge muscle to push CT off.   But it is no use, Davide has to tap.

So Davide comes back stronger and more determined.   Davide is now focused on the win.  You can see his total determination in the way he goes at CT.  He wants this win.  But, as always, CT is not going to give it to him.   Awesome match –great wrestling.   Focus and attitude to win this match from both wrestlers!   A definite and decisive winner and a promise for a rematch – the very next day!  

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