Case "CT" Thornton vs. Jaden Marsh: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 29:38
File Size: HD 1.63GB/ 4K 8.07GB

Jaden Marsh                           5’8”                 170lbs.           
Case “CT” Thornton                5’11”               162lbs.           

Jaden shows up with bright green speedos, ready for a tough rematch against CT (black speedos).   These guys have been waiting for this rematch and Jaden especially is out to beat CT no matter what it takes.  CT immediately puts Jaden in a nasty head lock on their feet and attempts to flip Jaden to the mat.   Actually, it is Jaden who picks up CT and throws him to the mat, while still caught in CT’s head lock.  Jaden escapes the head lock just to find himself caught in a really wicked body scissor right across his solar plexes!.   Jaden is in trouble but he will not give in to CT.   Jaden reverses and puts CT in a very effective and tight full nelson, but CT keeps the upper position and works to release the pressure.    CT gets the school-boy pin and lifts both Jaden’s legs so Jaden is totally pinned and practically helpless.

“Movimus brings its roughest, most suspenseful match in memory… Unusually intense even for submission wrestling, the 24-minute match (not counting the opening warmups) is authentic give and take from beginning to end.“
Ringside at Skull Island

And so both wrestlers keep at each other full force for 25 minutes – both guys exhausted.   Strenuous action, both wrestlers pushed to their limits.  Neither will tap out or give up.   This is the way it’s supposed to be.   CT will not lose.  Jaden will not tap out.   CT uses his skill to catch Jaden in some new move, a hold or clamp that he has not yet used on Jaden.  Jaden struggles to get CT in a really tight muscle hold, long enough, tight enough and powerful enough to make CT tap out.  IT’s back and forth action, intense concentration, and total focus on winning and not losing.   This is submission wrestling at it’s best.   Two really sure guys, strong, skilled and powerful, going at each other in their own style. 

This is an awesome feud.  How will it end?  Who will eventually be the overall winner?   You can bet that you will see more of these two competitors on Movimus Wrestling.


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