Case "CT" Thornton vs. Mark Molina

Total Running Time: 26:27
File Size: HD 2.03GB/ 4K 9.67GB

Mark Molina                            5’8”                 167lbs.           
Case “CT” Thornton                5’11”               160lbs.           

New comer, Mark (yellow speedos), challenges CT (blue speedos).   We told Mark that he was challenging one of the very best submission wrestlers anywhere, but that just made Mark want the match against CT all the more !   They start out testing the strength and power of each other and vieing for take down position.  Mark seems to have the advantage in power and muscle, but CT definitely has many more, sophisticated and competent skills.   Soon Mark finds himself on his back although he has a tight head lock on CT.  When CT escapes he puts Mark in a school-boy pin and continues to control and dominate from the upper position.  Mark is able to reverse on CT at least once, but CT definitely maintains control using his awesome “on the mat” skills.  It’s soon over and CT has his first victory over Mark.

"The competition is stiff between these two natural competitors... there's a lot to be impressed with and even more to look forward to."

Ringside at Skull Island

The second fall is more of the same, with CT on top and in control.   Mark is stretched, twisted, and overpowered – something Mark is not used to at all.   Mark does manage to get CT in some very compromising positions on the mat, but CT uses is patience and skill to endure and reverse.   Mark makes a valiant effort and, give him credit, he just won’t quit.   Actually he is learning a great deal from CT – even if he is doing it the hard way.

But the third fall is by far the most competitive and challenging for both wrestlers.   Mark seems to have caught onto CT’s style and he seems to be much more prepared for this fall.  He actually does a great job and he punishes CT quit a bit throughout this third fall.   It’s rare to see CT Thornton take that kind of punishment, especially from a 20 year old wrestler.   IT’s actually “GREAT”.   And, the truth be told, CT loves it too.    He has already challenged Mark to a re-match.  That will be great.  

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