Case "CT" Thornton vs. Jaden Marsh

Total Running Time: 24:06
File Size: HD 1.34GB/ 4K 7.68

Jaden Marsh                           5’8”                 172lbs.           
Case “CT” Thornton                5’11”               160lbs.           

Jaden (purple speedos) is an accomplished and well practiced wrestler.  He was totally convinced that he could handle the “skinny” “whimpy” “light-weight”  Case (navy blue speedos).  They met each other just before the match, although Jaden had watched many (if not all) of CT’s previous matches.   “I’m ready for him” he told us before the match.   “I’m going to take him apart”.   Jaden sure has the power and muscle to do as he said he would, but does he have the wrestling skill to match, keep up with, and overcome the great  CT Thornton?

The first fall is a 15 minute back-and-forth, give-and-take free for all.   Jaden has enough muscle and strength to put CT in some pain – and compromising holds.   CT has the skill and creative wrestling ability to keep himself in control of this opponent and ultimately win the match.   Jaden struggles to keep CT on the mat and CT keeps working to dominate and control Jaden.   Jaden’s very powerful and effective body scissor has CT scrambling to escape.  CT’s overwhelming ability to control and dominate frustrates Jaden fiercely and continually.   CT tries to take advantage of Jaden’s frustration, but Jaden will have none of that.

They stay on the mat for a full 15 minutes – no getting to their feet, no break at all.  There is a definite winner and a very upset loser, but there most definitely is a second fall.

More accustomed to each other, the second fall is about 12 minutes of intense, very tough, aggressive and punishing mat wrestling.   Again, no break, no getting to their feet, both these wrestlers show what great stamina each has.  Jaden shows he has more effective use of the body scissor as CT once again struggles to escape.   CT dominates but Jaden shows much more effective use of his really strong upper body to “put some punishment” on CT.   Again a winner and an angry loser and a promise from both these wrestlers for a rematch.

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