Isaac Bolt vs. Evan Turner

Total Running Time: 24:16
File Size: HD 1.86GB/ 4K 6.64GB


Isaac Bolt                     5’8”     146 lbs.
Evan Turner                 5’7”     143 lbs.


Veteran high school wrestler, Isaac (white speedos) and Evan (black speedos) have been prepping for this match for months.  Isaac has the apparent skill and Evan certainly is ripped, strong and in real good shape.   They are both ready for an all out – submission match.  Isaac gets the initial take down using his awesome balance and wrestling skill to stay on top and keep Evan struggling for a reversal.  Even when Isaac gets behind, Evan is able to keep Isaac from doing too much damage. 

Eventually, Evan reverse and really turns up the action and pressure.   First match goes to Evan.  Second match is much of the same.  When Evan starts really working over Isaac, Isaac uses his skill to reverse and gain control.  Evan works hard to reverse again and get Isaac in a compromising position – and the action continues.  

These two middle weights are in totally awesome shape.   There are four tap-outs in this match .   These guys are both tough and want to win.   What do you think?  Is it two – to – two? Or three – to –one?   Is there a winner, or is it a draw?    Check this out.  You will see a lot more of both these middleweight wrestlers on Movimus Wrestling!

Wrestlers: Evan Turner, Isaac Bolt

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