Julio Vargas vs. Dave Markus: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 21:51
File Size: HD 1.21GB/ 4K 6.04GB

Julio Vargas           5’9”       171 lbs.
Dave Markus     5’9”      167 lbs.

Julio (green speedos) finally gets his rematch.   Dave (fatigue speedos) has been bragging about how he beat Julio in their last match, and Julio has been asking for a rematch.    “This is going to be an easy win” Dave told us before this match.   Julio immediately showed Dave that he was going to be “easy” at all.    Julio started hard and fast and kept Dave with his back on the mat for almost the entire first fall.   Eventually, Julio caught Dave is just the right cross face and body scissors and Dave tapped out.   

...this contest is dynamite all on its own."


Ringside at Skull Island

Dave, quite surprised, was not about to let that happen again.   But Julio wrestled just as hard and used many more moves and combination holds that he had in the first fall.   Again, Dave was getting “man-handled” and over-powered.   But this time Dave wrestled back, doing his best to use his massive, powerful legs to squeeze all the air and wind out of Julio.   This second fall is long and very well fought by both wrestlers.   Julio showed Dave what a very powerful upper body can do on the mat, and Dave showed Julio how really strong his legs are.    Eventually Dave got Julio in just the right body scissors and squeezed with all the power and stamina that he could!    Julio took the pressure for a long time, but there was simply no way out.  He tapped!

Now the 3rd fall is the ultimate, the finisher.    Both wrestlers fought to win, undoubtably.   Dave is focused and very tough.   Julio is confident and super strong. Who is going to get the final finisher?   Will there be another match between these two very tough guys?   Can they both last in a World Series Match?   All these questions will definitely be answered!    These guys are two very, very strong wrestlers and they are not afraid to punish each other.


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