Aron Stokes vs. Julio Vargas: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 24:48
File Size: HD 1.38GB/ 4K 1.89GB

Aron Stokes 6’1” 179 lbs.
Julio Vargas 5’9” 172 lbs.

Julio (yellow speedos) has been asking for a re-match against Aron (green speedos) ever since his loss last year.   “I can beat this guy” Julio has been telling us.  So we finally got them together for  re-match   Julio comes out strong and very tough and in the first five minutes overpowers Aron, gets behind him with a body scissors and rear naked choke.  IT’s all over for Aron  -- and he doesn’t like it at all.

“Both men give it their all, no monkey business, no face-saving wisecracks… It is a close to perfect fight…”

Ringside at Skull Island

The next match is much longer.   Both wrestlers give and take a lot of punishment.  Julio seems much stronger, more skilled, and definitely more determined to win this match.  Aron, as always, gets more and more pissed as he takes a beating on the mat.   This match is back and forth for almost 20 minutes.   Totally gruesome wrestling.   Aron finally catches Julio in a leg split using his legs, and totally wraps up his upper body making his arms immobile.  Julio is compelled to tap out.

So the third match is decisive.    Julio and Aron most definitely wrestle to win this match.   There is not holding back, nothing fake at all.   These guys are working each other over with everything they’ve got.   The more pressure Julio puts on Aron, the tougher Aron gets and comes back with equal force.   Can Aron handle the muscle-boy and get this win?   Is Julio going to let Aron be the over all winner of their second match?   This is well worth watching and you can bet this feud is not even close to being over.


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