Dave Markus vs. Ivan Karamazoff

Total Running Time: 26:44
File Size: HD 1.49GB/4K 2.03GB

Ivan Karamazoff                          6’      169 lbs.
Dave Markus                               5’9”   177 lbs.

 Ivan (green speedos) challenges Dave (yellow speedos).    Ivan is totally convinced he can beat Dave.  He has watched Dave wrestle many times at the Movimus Studio.   They start with a quick take-down by Ivan and control.  Ivan does his best – successfully – to keep Dave with his back on the mat.  Dave is just so strong that there is never a time when Ivan has him in trouble.  Dave just patiently waits for Ivan to make that mistake that will let Dave get the upper hand.  Dave works a body scissors that has Ivan wincing in pain.   There is a struggle on the mat – then back to their feet.  

"This is a fine match, one of the better products of a company that has produced many fine matches... so fresh from the mat you can almost feel the body heat."

Ringside on Skull Island

The go at each other on their feet for a long time – neither wrestler able to take the other to the mat.   Lots of attempts at power moves and some super defense action.  Finally Ivan takes Dave to the mat and maintains control putting a lot of pressure on Dave’s head, shoulders and back.   Dave struggles under Ivan’s pressure.   Dave again is waiting for the opportunity to get on top and control.   It takes a lot of power and patience but finally Dave reverses and get control of Ivan.   From this point on, Dave uses all his skill and especially his power to really put the pressure on Ivan.   You can see Dave’s master legs as he applies a full body scissors.  

Ivan throws Dave off a couple times only to have Dave use his great speed to get up and maintain control.   This is some awesome brawl – a great submission match.   You can beat that there will be a rematch between these two tough wrestlers.    

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